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Startup Weekend: Tips From A Contestant’s Perspective

Two months ago, I attended a Startup Weekend event for the first time. It also happened to be the first time that this event was being held in Cyprus. It was evident from the first moment that the organizing team had spent numerous man-hours  and resources to make this event an amazing experience, and they definitely succeeded at doing so....


#RedditThursdays – The how & why of heroin addiction

However, you owe these drugs back what they delivered to you. While browsing around on reddit I stumbled upon an IAmA held by a heroin addict, obviously revolving around heroin addiction. A user asked “what does it feel like to do heroin?“. The response was beautifully elaborated and well thought out, vividly portraying both sides of the coin. Check it...


Wazapp: When communities take matters in their own hands

Some time ago, I created a petition asking WhatsApp Inc. to bring WhatsApp to the Nokia N9, the first (and last) mobile phone running MeeGo-Harmattan (now discontinued by Nokia). The petition was signed by more than 14000 people, with blogs such as MyNokiaBlog (shout out to @MFaroTusino for the support), Nokia For Us, MeeGoExperts, and N9 Apps backing it up,...