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trashr0xHeyo. I’m Constantinos, also known as trashr0x. I’m a computer scientist specialising in software engineering, scaling data for Formal Concept Analysis (FCA) and the author of software to automate this task. I’m currently a senior software engineer at bet365. Prior to that, I worked as a technical researcher at CENTRIC, on the EU-funded FP7 projects ATHENA, ePOOLICE and CUBIST.

I graduated in 2010 from SHU with first-class honours in Computing. My BSc Final Year Project titled “FcaBedrock, a Formal Context Creator“, involved the development of a formal context creator for FCA. The project received 92%, which was the top mark for 2010 and was released to the public domain as an open-source project. Significant parts of my project’s report are included in chapter “Visualising Computational Intelligence through converting Data into Formal Concepts“, published in the “Studies in Computational Intelligence” book series by Springer.

I’m currently a Software Engineering PhD student and a member of the Conceptual Structures Research Group at SHU. My Director of Studies is Dr. Simon Andrews and the title of my PhD is “Appropriating Data from Structured Sources for Formal Concept Analysis“.

In my spare time, I love working on bringing ideas to life; I’m the founder of HighMDb (IMDb with a.. twist), co-founder of Zyprus (online real estate platform for Cyprus), and Room Covers (discontinued cover songs website). I’m a mobile phone enthusiast — I keenly follow the developments in the industry and firmly believe that mobile phones are the personal computers of the future. I’m also the founder of a Nokia Community page on Facebook.

I initially started this website as an online version of my resume, but you’ll see me rambling about pretty much anything I consider thought provoking and worthwhile of discussion, be it software engineering, philosophy, parallel universes, or Flappy Bird.

Check out my peer-reviewed publications here.
Follow me on Twitter: @trashr0x.

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cogito ergo sum

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